The TeamXp menu is divided in two different bars:

  • The first one allows authors to choose between the main sections. It also has shortcuts to: Whiteboard, MEL and Design Tool
  • The second one contains the different options available for each section

This what you can find in each section:

  1. File. This first section allows authors to choose the library and the scenario, export the MEL, share their libraries and export question encoding.
  2. Setup. In "Setup" authors can change everything that is related to their scenario configuration.
  3. Design. The Design section is where the author is going to build the scenario. It opens the whiteboard and allows to create content, personas, add media files, etc. Authors can also see the MEL in this section.
  4. Style. This section is dedicated to the Design Tool, where you can modify everything related to your scenario style and also modify some special channels, as the Map and the Facebook page.
  5. Run. In "Run" authors can upload their scenario to their partition. They are able to change the partition they want to upload the scenario to and manage their Teams. Authors also have access to the different testing grids.
  6. Run. This section contains the different ways to run and test the exercise. It is also possible to find here the different Reset options
  7. Reports. Here authors can find the way to create the Response Report and the Production Report.
  8. Spaces. Here is where authors can modify their Default Settings, manage spaces in "My Spaces" and check their license
  9. Help. This opens a URL to the HelpDocs.