Fictional characters who interact with your players.
They lead the storytelling of your scenario and increase the immersion and the realism
Key Features
Add the name, the description and a picture for your personas
Use factions to organize your personas list
Give them a fake e-mail to use personas as role-players

To see the Personas' menu, you need to go to Design > Personas. This should be the main menu:
  1. Click the "+" button to add a new persona
  2. Click "Manage factions" to add new factions to organize your personas.

Adding a new persona

To add a new persona click "New".

Then you can browse for a picture in your laptop by clicking "Upload" or just drag the image into the square.

If your persona is also a role-player, make sure you follow this steps:

This will also add this persona to your Teams as a role-player. To know more about role-players, please go here.

Managing factions

Use factions to organize and categorize your personas. When you assign a faction, that persona appears in the section that she has been assigned. Click "Manage faction" to add new ones.
This is an example of the different factions for a specific library:

And this is how it looks in your persona's list.

Creating a map counter

If your persona is going to be a map counter, which means that is going to appear in the map channel at some point, make sure you select the option in the persona's menu.

Go here to know more about counters and map items.