NFC tag event
* Allows players and moderator greater freedom to act without being tied to a linear timeline

* Frequently used content and sequences can be easily accessed by arranging NFC cards on a table top ready for direct use without digital menus

* Creates a physical presence for digital events which means players and moderator spend less time looking at computer screens which can help with intra-team communications 
Key Features
* Trigger any content and injects on a NFC tag event

*  Easily choose plain English (or other languages!) text to use as a trigger phrase.

* Requires the NFC tags to be programmed before using them

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What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication - it's the type of technology used in Apple Pay/Android Pay and the Oystercard on the London Underground. 
In a practical sense, an "NFC tag" is just a sticker holding a coil of wire that can remember some data you write to it. Using the Conducttr NFC app you can turn that tag data into a command!

How to use the NFC tag event

The first thing is to program your NFC tag(s). Once programmed, the moment someone scans the tag, the Conducttr app will trigger the NFC Tag Event... match the data you wrote to the tag... and then publish some content or take some other action according to what you've attached to the event. 

Use an app like NFC Tag Writer by NXP to write plain text to the NFC tag.
You can buy tags from Amazon. These are the ones we frequently use at Conducttr but there are other larger and cheaper versions available.


1. The player scans the tag with an app
2. The NFC tag data is the same used in the NFC Event
3. This fires the event and sends the content for the player which is a video in the TV Channel in this case.

Example using injects

Authors can also use NFC tags to send facilitated content. To do so:
1. Program your NFC tag 
2. Create a NFC Tag Event with the same plain text you've used for the NFC tag
3. Connect this Event to a Facilitated content 

As a result, when the Facilitator scans the tag, the facilitator content appears in his/her dashboard.