Exporting the style
Exports a file that contains your style and it can be imported in the system
Key Features
1. Save your style ready to be used by another person in a file recognized by TeamXp
2. Save "Maps" and "News Channel" independently  if you need to.
3. Import a style file into your own scenario

How does it works?
To be able to export the style you need to go to Style and:
  • Select the style you want to save
  • Click "Export Style"
  • Save the file in your laptop
If you want to save only your Maps or your News Channel you have to:
  • Open those channels in the Style Tool
  • Click the option to export for those channels
To import styles that you might have in your laptop you have to:
  • Go to "Style"
  • Select "Import from file" in the drop down list
  • Select the style file you want to use