Conditional Move to Group  
Allows you to move players and teams to personalize their experience during the exercise.
Key Features
It works from the inject and based on a variable/formula previously defined.

How it works

In the following example we are going to move our players to a Conditional Group depending on the option they pick. Based on that, we are going to send them a different piece of information later on.

1. Create your variables
One of the options using "Conditional Move to Group" is using variables. In this example we are going to set up a variable to store a score.

2. Add "Move to group action" to the inject
Set up the "Move to group action" in the next inject as shown in the image below.

3. Send the content to the correct group
In another inject link the piece of content you want to send to that specific group of people. In the case is a guide for first users.