Where to find it: Add new Content or double-click a Content item, then go to Content Details panel > Header > Delay:
In the Content Triggers panel you have two options for delaying content publication:
  • delay content publication by up to 99 days relative to when the trigger happens. For example “delay for 30mins”.
  • delay content publication until a fixed time happens next. For example “delay until 8am”. If the time is now 8:01am then the content will wait 24hrs before publication.

Note that it's the trigger that's delayed and not the content. This usually amounts to the same thing. However, if working with Groups, should an audience member change group during the delay period then what matters is the group they're in and the character they're subscribed to at the end of the delay and not at the start.
For example, audience member Sam emails an answer to character Big Jim. The Sam's incoming email triggers:
  • Move group to Alive
  • Immediate reply "Yes you're alive!
  • Delayed reply by 40mins "Well done you made it through" to members of group Alive.
During the 40mins between the immediate reply and the delayed reply, Sam makes a wrong move and emails Big Jim a wrong answer. The wrong email triggers:
  • Move group to Dead
  • Immediate reply "Noooo you got killed"
When the 40 min delay period ends (from correct answer), the trigger will fire the delayed reply BUT Sam will receive no email because he is no longer in the group Alive.
This is also true for subscriptions. The audience member must be subscribing at the end of the delay, not the beginning. This means that if someone unsubscribes from a character during the delay period they will not receive any delayed content.