Conducttr is designed to work with international projects that may span different time zones. Consequently when selecting times, the Author must also select a timezone.

Note 1:  that the default international time zone is taken from the Author's profile in the Administration Workspace. Tip: you plan to create many date and time triggers, change the time zone in the Author's profile to the time zone of the triggers being created  and then change the time zone back again.

Internally, all times are referenced to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). To make it easier to work across time zones, Conducttr always displays GMT in white below the selected time and time zone as shown in Figure 7 below.

Note 2: the Data log shows all times as GMT and runs from midnight GMT to midnight GMT 24 hours later. This is important to know when searching for particular activity because the log may actually be in a different day from your current time zone and will be at a different time (GMT).