When something doesn't work, check the Activity log. 

Select the date and click download. It'll open a new browser tab/window with a trace of all project activity.

Any errors will be written into the file and should give you a clue where to start looking to fix the project.

The image below shows an example activity log. For a large active project you may want to "Export as CSV file" and import into Excel. In Excel you can then filter the spreadsheet to only show things you're looking for.
If you stay in the browser, you can use Find to highlight information and this can be quick once you get the hang of it.
The first number you see is a the Process ID. When reporting a fault to the CCC (Conducttr Customer Care) it's very helpful if you mention the Process ID as well as the project name. 
A new Process ID is create for each new trigger event. By tracing the Process ID you can see all the actions that were kicked off by the initial trigger event.
In the example blow, a Date Trigger (D9) triggers an SMS message but the action failed because Conducttr "can't determine the audience". What this usually indicates is that the Reply option has been used instead of Broadcast. Reply can only be used where Conducttr is able to determine which audience member the message should go to. With a Date Trigger the Content Controls setting will always be Broadcast --> indicating in this example that an SMS should be sent to everyone in the Character's contact list (i.e. all audience members who are subscribed to this character).