To troubleshoot problems with email delivery:
  1. If you haven't already, open the email account inside Conducttr and click "Something isn't working". This will automatically check for common problems and will notify you if any are identified.
  2. If you think the character is sometimes not receiving email from the audience, check the Spam folder of the character's external email address. If you find legitimate audience emails in Spam, the most effective solution is to mark them as "Not Spam" if that option is available. If all or most of your audience are part of the same company, organization, or educational institution, there may be a problem with its email servers, and we advise asking your system administrator to investigate.
  3. If you think the audience is sometimes not receiving email from the character, have the audience check their Spam, if possible. Please note that Conducttr takes great measures to prevent your emails from going into audience's Spam. However, if this is a problem and your character has an email address from a custom domain owned by you or your organization, we suggest checking the configuration of your email server and DNS records (if you are not the system administrator, then you should ask your system administrator or web host to investigate). See Technical Troubleshooting of Email Problems.
  4. You can also check the Activity Log in your project, which will provide clues about what may have gone wrong. In the file menu, go to File -> Activity.