Invalid DNS records often lead to email delivery failures and excessive flagging of emails as "Spam". This is most common when using a custom domain name (owned by you or your organization).If you are experiencing problems with email:

  1. If you haven't already, start with Troubleshooting Email.
  2. If the problem remains unresolved and you are not the system administrator, then please contact your system administrator, web host, or email provider for assistance. The information below will be helpful to them.

MX Records

Make sure that your domain has MX records properly configured. Some SMTP servers allow the receiving domain to not have MX records at all, in which case they use A records instead to determine where to send an email message. However, not all SMTP servers do this, which can cause email messages to not be sent at all.

SPF Records

Outgoing emails from characters are likely to go into audience's Spam folders if your SPF record does not authorize Conducttr's servers to send email on your domain's behalf. For details, see Problems with Mail Server Configuration.