"Smartwords" or "Smartword Expressions" is the term we’re using to describe how to publish information held in an attribute or variable. They can also perform mathematical operations.

Write your email, blog post, Facebook comment etc. as you would usually and then where you want to insert personalized information use the | | characters to insert that data.
For example:
Hey |audience.sender.name|,
Well done!! Your score is now |audience.sender.score|

Where “name” is a Core Attribute and “score” is a custom attribute created by the author.
You can also use a Variable as a Smartword. For example,
Hmm…. Ok, you said “|myConversation|”.
I think the opposite! So there!

Where “myConversation” is a variable stored information parsed from an incoming email, say.
To include a Project or Team custom Attribute, just use the syntax

For example,
Great! We now have |Project.numberOfTeams| teams lined up to compete!
And you’re in Team |team.name| with |team.points| points!

NOTE: Team attributes are only available when the team is known. Hence the above example would only work if the sender sent their team name or the team has just been created. If you need to inform players of their team name or team score at some other time, then this information should be stored in an Audience attribute. For example
And you’re in Team |audience.sender.team_name| with |audience.sender.team_points| points!

Of course if someone is in more than one team you’ll need additional attributes or some other way to present the information.

Core Attributes

To use these Core Attributes in Smartwords you must use the syntax below.

Use without sender or 3rdparty for broadcast messages sent with a Date and Time trigger where “sender” and “3rdparty” aren’t know/don’t exist.
For example, |audience.name| and |audience.accounts.phone| would send everyone their name and phone number.

|audience.sender.xp|                       |audience.3rdparty.xp|                      |audience.xp|
|audience.sender.progress|                 |audience.3rdparty.progress| |audience.progress|
|audience.sender.name|                    |audience. 3rdparty.name| |audience.name|
|audience.sender.lname|                    |audience. 3rdparty.lname| |audience.lname|
|audience.sender.accounts.phone|          |audience.3rdparty.accounts.phone| |audience.phone|
|audience.sender.accounts.email|         |audience.3rdparty.accounts.email| |audience.accounts.email|
|audience.sender.accounts.twitter|       |audience.3rdparty.accounts.twitter| |audience.twitter|