does not support email forwarding and is therefore not fully compatible with Conducttr. We recommend using other email providers, but if you absolutely need or want to give it a try, there is a workaround of routing emails through an additional email address, such as at

  1. Set up an email account that allows retrieval of email from other accounts via POP3 and allows email forward. We recommend Gmail or Google Apps.
  2. In AOL settings, enable POP3 access.
  3. In the other email account's settings, find the option for adding a POP3 account. Not all email providers have this option. In Gmail, it is located in the "Accounts" tab of Settings, labeled "Check mail from other accounts (using POP3)".
  4. Follow the instructions for checking AOL email from this additional email account. This will "pull" email messages out of the AOL account and make them visible in the new account. Note: this does not occur instantaneously. Most email providers poll the POP3 account at regular intervals, e.g. every couple of minutes.
  5. Now set up email forwarding from the new account (not AOL), to forward emails to the internal Conducttr address.
  6. Inside Conducttr, provide the email address only for AOL, not the additional email account you just created. Conducttr does not need to know about the additional one.
  7. If all goes well, set up an email trigger with an email reply, and test it out to make sure the email account is working properly.