When setting up email accounts in Conducttr, you may encounter a message saying that Conducttr has encountered inconsistencies in the configuration of your email server (the mail server that sends or receives email for your character's external address). This is only a warning, not an error.We suggest setting up an email trigger and email responses from your character and testing out the logic to make sure that your audience will be able to interact properly with your character and that emails aren't ending up in Spam. If everything works, then you can safely ignore the warning message.If you encounter frequent problems with your character's email logic:
  1. See Troubleshooting Email Delivery Problems
  2. If the problem is prevalent and persistent, then the warning message may have been a sign of misconfiguration in the email server for your character's external email account. Usually this occurs when using a custom domain name owned by you or your organization. Investigating this requires technical expertise and familiarity with DNS records. See Technical Troubleshooting of Email Problems and continue reading below for details.


The warning message means that to Conducttr, it appears that your character's email address is set up to send outgoing email using one email service but receive email using a different one. For example, sending email through Google Apps (Gmail), while receiving at a custom domain name.Sometimes this is a false alarm due to:
  • Some additional level of forwarding you have set up that is beyond what was required by Conducttr, e.g. instead of forwarding email from your character's main address directly to Conducttr, you first forward to a different external email account and then from there to Conducttr. Doing this is not ideal but generally should not cause any problems.
  • If you are using a custom domain name that you own, and any changes have been made to its DNS records very recently, it could be that these changes are taking some time to take effect. In many cases it takes up to 24 hours.
If either of the above is true or you do not own the domain name (e.g. you probably do not own "gmail.com" or "yahoo.com"), then you can probably ignore the warning message from Conducttr.However, if you do not have any additional email forwarding or if your character's email address uses a custom domain name owned either by you or your organization, then it is worth investigating. See Technical Troubleshooting of Email Problems