Sometimes if you have a few SMS attached to a single trigger, the audience can receive them in the wrong order, although you have set up a delay between them.
This is because the SMS is a store-and-forward messaging system so although Conducttr send the SMS as requested (10 secs, 40 secs etc) there can be discrepancies in the order.
To make sure the order is the desired, make the delays long enough, 1 minute is usually ok
You can set a delay in the Header tab in the Content Details panel.

Note: the delay count starts from the firing of the trigger NOT the previous content, so for example if you have four SMS and you want a minute of delay between them you should set up the delays as follow:
- 1st SMS - No Delay
- 2nd SMS - 1 min Delay
- 3rd SMS - 2 min Delay
- 4th SMS - 3 min Delay