Logic Actions
  • Group
  • Combo group
  • Trigger for activity
  • Trigger for end of the period
  • Publish trigger
Content Actions
  • Message

 How it works

When someone is active, move or add them to the active group.
When the inactivity period ends, send a reminder message to those in the combo group "not active". 
Use a publish trigger to fire on the publication of the reminder message and use this to remove audience from the active group. Hence everyone now needs to be active again during the next period


  1. create the group Active
  2. create the combo group Inactive. Exclude Active
  3. create the trigger that indicates activity and in the same beat create the logic action add to Active group
  4. create the end of period trigger (recurrent date and time maybe?) and in the same beat add the content action. This should be broadcast to all audience and use "customize by group" and select the Inactive combo group
  5. create the publish trigger to fire on the message. In the same beat add the logic action to remove from Active group.