Your characters can have real-life email addresses at virtually any domain name, such as,, or custom domains like Using these commons sorts of email addresses, Conducttr can send and receive emails between your character and audience in a very life-like fashion.

To make it all work, the email address first of all needs to exist, and you must have access to it. When adding the email address to a character inside Conducttr, we do not ask for your password. However, you do need to set up email forwarding so that all emails coming into the external address (e.g. to get forwarded to a "secret" email address inside Conducttr - something like We will generate this "internal" address for you.
Learn how to set up email forwarding.

For Conducttr to send emails on behalf of your character, there are usually no steps required on your side. Conducttr will automatically verify that you have access to the account and that forwarding is set up correctly. It does so by sending a sample email to your character (e.g. to and waiting for your email provider (e.g. Gmail) to forward the message back to Conducttr. Once we receive it, everything should be immediately up and running.
The entire process involves only one or two clicks - that's all!

If something goes wrong, see Troubleshooting Email.