The Link Trigger allows you to send personalized links in emails and SMS that trigger actions in Conducttr.
For example, the audience opens an email which triggers a tweet. Or clicks a link in an SMS which triggers a delayed phone call knowing that this person visited the URL. 

IMPORTANT: links need to be set to PREMIUM in order to fire the link trigger.
In the example below, an email is broadcast to everyone asking which search engine they prefer.
The link behind the Bing and Yahoo buttons are connected to Link Triggers – AN6 and AN5 respectively.
When the receiver of the email clicks a link, they will be routed to the correct page and the click will trigger a beat. You’ll see that each beat increments a vote and sends a confirmation reply.
A condition is added to ensure that no one is able to vote for both.

Link Triggers will work on any Conducttr item that can have a link – videos, images and touchpoints (URLs). Embedding an image – with an link trigger -  in an HTML email will cause the link trigger to fire when the email is opened (technically, when the image is displayed).
To add a link to content, use the anchor icon and then, in the link pop-up, check the option “make the link unique per audience member”.