You can give your characters real phone numbers, as if they were personal mobile phones, home phones, or work phones. These phone numbers can send and receive phone calls and text messages (SMS). There is no physical phone involved, no SIM cards, and no contract with any mobile operator. It works a lot like Google Voice.

Conducttr works with several online services that let you register a virtual phone number online (in most countries and most states/provinces). There is usually a variety of phone numbers to choose from. Billing is typically based on a small cost per message or phone call.

Compare virtual phone services to decide which one is best for you.Once you've signed up for a virtual phone number and set it up on your end, integration with Conducttr is easy. When you go to add the phone number in Conducttr, you will be instructed to copy-paste 1 or 2 special URLs into your virtual phone account. Instructions with screenshots will show you exactly what to do. The URLs enable your phone service to notify Conducttr about incoming calls and messages.

See the phone setup guide for details about integrating each of the virtual phone services and working with advanced features.To learn about other types of character accounts, see Audience Interaction.