The log file is in the format “actor verb object” by which we mean audience – action – entity that was acted upon. You’ll note to that the actions are all in the past tense so that you can read them like a history of activity.

Some examples
Actor              audience ID 220805 (using the account “
Verb               sent an SMS to
Object            character Candy who got the sms on the number +17813254664
Attribute       “video2” was the message content of the SMS

Actor              audience ID 265313 (using the Facebook account “100001744510704”)
Verb               sent a facebook comment to
Object            character Tough Guy on the page Alien Freedom
Attribute       “tough 0001” was the message content of the facebook comment

Actor              audience ID 220820 (using the twitter account “BaronM88”)
Verb               received a reply from
Object            character Candy using the account DevTestLndn
Attribute       the 3rd alternative was used from…
Result             ..the content 45083
Title                 [CANDY] TWEET 3RDPTY "welcome to my testing world"

Actor              audience ID 265313 (using the account “
Verb               checked the condition
Object            audience.score.3 < integer.value.10
Result             true
The Status is activated because the result is TRUE. In the line below we see
Object            audience.score.3 >= integer.value.10
Result             false
And hence the Status is ignored.
In this example we can see a Connected ID so we know that there is some other sequence of events that caused this comparison to be made. In fact if we see the earlier events we see that W3 fired because of the change in Audience.Score

Actor              audience ID 265313 (using the account “
Verb               changed the value of
Object            audience.score.0 by incrementing by integer.value.3
Result             the new value of audience.score is 3