Suppose you ask the audience to tweet their preference for ketchup or mustard. Using Attributes, you can save the votes and then, after the voting period, reveal the answer. The triggers you'll need for accomplishing this will be:

  • 2 x Twitter Trigger - one to trigger on "ketchup" and one to trigger on "mustard"
    1 x Project Attributes to hold the result of the count
    2 x Change Value triggers - one each to count the Twitter triggers
    1 x Date trigger which signals the end of voting
    3 x Comparison Triggers - one for each possible outcome
    • Ketchup > Mustard
    • Ketchup = Mustard
    • Ketchup < Mustard
  • 3 x Tweets for each possible result (or of course you could post the result to Facebook or publish a video etc.)
Note that in this example, the Date Trigger is used in the While statement of the Twitter Triggers. This means that at the end of the voting period, no additional tweets are counted.

The attributes:

This is the Config for Option 1

The Twitter Triggers

The Change Value Triggers


This tweet is triggered on CO19 IF votes for Mustard are greater than the Votes for Ketchup.