Conducttr has two types of attributes to store dates and times:
  • Date Time attribute stores dates & times in UTC
  • Time attribute                          stores times
How to use the Date & Time Functions

To use date & time functions, you must write them into a Dynamic Variable field and use ALL CAPS and place between | |. For example |NOW()| is correct, |now()| won’t be recognized and NOW() will cause an error because it’s not between ||.

When used with the Change action or Comparison, at least one of the drop-downs must be an attribute so that Conducttr can determine the attribute type. If you set both fields as a dynamic variable then Conducttr won’t understand what to do and you’ll get the error message “ERROR: Cannot determine result. Check attribute type and operators”

Internally, all dates and times are stored as seconds and there are limitations about the size of the number that can be held. A time attribute for example can only store up to 889hrs (about 37 days). Hence when calculating durations, the duration can’t be greater than this limitation or else the result returned will be incorrect.