Audio Recording Event
* Allows any live audio recording to be incorporated into a live exercise. For example, a mock media interview recording can be broadcast to all team members, published to social media etc.

* Adds immersion by allowing immediate incorporation of live recordings

* Adds opportunity for player reflection after the exercise when they can review the
Key Features
Easily attach audio recording "on the fly" to any content by storing audio recording as a variable and publish to any message channel
Trigger other content on an audio file upload event
Uploaded audio is automatically echoed to the Facilitator Dashboard (in the Excon feed) without additional scripting
Requires the Conducttr audio recording app for Android

How it works

The mobile app presents a drop-down of all the available audio variables. When the recording is uploaded, the variable will hold a link to the MP3 file and the audio recording event will fire. This causes the attached content to be published.