After reading this article you'll:

  • Be able to generate historical content with AI


Use the AI assistant to generate historical content for your personas

Note: Maximum of 9 historical messages per persona per channel

Generate Historical Content with AI
Generate content quickly and efficiently

  • Generate historical news articles  

Generate Historical News Articles with AI

  • Navigate to "Personas" and select the persona/organisation you want to generate historical articles for

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  • Ensure the "organisation" capability is selected and then navigate to "website
  • Scroll down on the page to "past articles" and click "Use AI Assistant"  
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  • Write a prompt/topic for the news articles you want to be generated
  • Click the AI Assistant button 
  • This will generate 3 separate news articles 
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  • You now have the option of editing each article, adding images or removing articles which have been created
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Generate Historical Content for Microblog, GoSocial, Instamedia, Forum, Telegraph and Videoblog with AI

  • Apply the same concept as above to generate historical content for these channels 
  • E.g. If you are wanting to create historical content for Microblog,  In step 2, instead of navigating to "website", navigate to "Microblog".
  • Only select the "Organisation" capability if the historical messages you want to generate are for an organisation