After reading this article you'll:
  • know where to locate the AI Generated Injects feature
  • understand what an effective prompt is
  • know how to bulk delete injects


This feature allows you to create injects using AI. 

AI Generated Injects
Bulk generating injects addresses the imaginative barrier and streamlines the scenario designing process. 
  • Ability to bulk generate content from a prompt 
  • Bulk delete injects 

Bulk Generating Injects 

  • In the Scenario Editor expand a serial, here you will find the 'Generate Injects' button below the description box 
  • This button will create key persons and content based on your prompt in the description box. 
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Bulk Delete Injects 

  • In the Scenario Editor select the inject drop-down button.
  • The box at the top will select all injects. 

Effective prompts 

  • The text in the description box will be the prompt for the AI.
  • In the description box, consider: what is happening during this serial and what will the injects entail. 
  • AI can generate content from Microblog, GoSocial, InstaMedia, Browser and Mail channels. Hence, when creating prompts specify the channel.
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Example Prompts

 Effective Prompts
 Ineffective Prompts
Establishing Context
Simulate a normal day at work with emails from colleagues, tweets about climate change and a news article on farmers market this weekend
 The player goes to work but nothing happens yet.
Inciting Incident 
Create the initial stages of a cyber attack for a consulting company.
 Make a cyber attack.
A cyber attack has caused the data back-up system for a consulting company to go down. They are receiving a lot of complaints from customers on twitter. Several colleagues are asking for updates via email. On the browser channel: information about the company's cyber-attack.                     
 The entire system goes down.
Recovery Phase
Create a recovery phase for a cyber-attack on a consulting company.
 The cyber-attack is over.