This information relates to the Conducttr engine, not TeamXp.

In June 2019, Twitter changed is commercial terms and now we require authors to have their own Twitter Developer account. Without a developer account you won't be able to do much.

Note that we've implemented the ability to use a free account and a Premium account. Twitter also offers an Enterprise account which we don't support.


Here are the steps you'll follow:
  1. apply for Twitter Developer account - wait for acceptance
  2. create a Twitter app
  3. create a Twitter environment - 
  4. save the details in Conducttr in the Twitter account
  5. wait for app approval 
  6. return to Conducttr to validate the account. This is only possible after Twitter has approved your app.

Create Twitter App

Go to and click button to create the app.
Complete the fields as appropriate to your website but make sure you complete these fields as shown:

Create character's Twitter account in Conducttr

It's now possible to start creating the account in Conducttr and copy-pasting details from Twitter as you get them.
First, in Conducttr click to add a new account to your character, select Twitter and authenticate. This is the easy bit.

Now you have to click "Use Twitter Account Activity API"

The final result will look like the image below but first you need to gather all the data from twitter.


First, in a different browser tab, navigate to and copy the App ID to Conducttr


Generate your keys and copy-paste over


Set the right permissions


Now you have to create an environment. Navigate to
Click to create it.

Give the environment a name and copy into Conducttr


You're practically all finished now but at this stage you can only SAVE the character account and await for Twitter to approve your app.


With the app approved you can now VALIDATE the account and all will be good to go!