Alexa Skill
Easily create voice-activated projects without coding
Key Features
* Respond to any number of Alexa commands
* Easily connect the audience member's Alexa ID to their Conducttr ID for cross-platform experiences

Using Conducttr as your engine behind Alexa means you can easily create exciting Alexa Skills without coding. 

This article explains how.



  • Amazon account
  • Alexa developer account
You don't even need your own Echo device because you can test via the Amazon developer console or via the Alexa mobile app.

Create and configure your Alexa Skill

1. Go to and sign up for a developer account.

2. Now navigate to Alexa >> Alexa Skills Kit and click “Start a Skill

This is the skill that will be used to connect Alexa with Conducttr.

3. Click “Create Skill” and write the skill name and language.
IMPORTANT: The language you select determines whether you'll be understood and which store your skill will be listed in. We recommend you choose the same language as the one for your Amazon account.

Set up the invocation name

4. Click on Invocation and write the name you’ll use to invoke your Alexa skill. 

For example, if your invocation name is "Naty" then you'll say "Alexa, ask Naty to give me the daily stats"


This is where you connect Alexa to Conducttr.

5. Go to Endpoint

Select "HTTPS" and insert the URL: in the Default Region.

Select the second option "wildcard certificate" as shown below, and save the Endpoint.

Now that your Alexa skill has been created, copy the Skill ID and paste it into your Character's Alexa account.

You can get the Skill ID by going to your Skills menu, and clicking on "View Skill ID"

In Conducttr, create an Alexa account for your character and paste your Skill ID.

Click save, and you'll see your Alexa account for your character: