Improves the user experience for large self-paced experiences by constructing the scenario multiple sections - like chapters of a book.
Key Features
* Content inside each chapter is self-contained. This means that navigating to Chapter 2, you won't see content that was published in Chapter 1
* Each chapter is disabled/locked until you publish content to it. This makes it possible to stage the experience and require players to achieve certain milestones before proceeding to the next chapter.

Chapters are a very useful way to organize your content and possibly tease the audience by showing available but currently disabled/locked chapters.

How to add Chapters

In the Design area where you've organized your experience into tabs, right click on the tab and select Add to chapter; then add a chapter number. Content in this tab will now be published to this chapter.

Don’t forget to include all your tabs into chapters, otherwise, they won’t appear in the web application.

This is how it looks inside the Scenario Editor: