Messaging Triggers:
All messaging triggers work the same way: they fire when their matchphrase is found in the incoming message (body or subject if it’s available).
The message must be addressed to the character’s account. For example, with Twitter triggers the tweet must contain the character’s twitter id (e.g. @baronm88).
You can use an empty matchphrase to trigger on all incoming messages.

Instagram Triggers:
The Instagram trigger is slightly different to the other messaging triggers. It fires when there’s a mention of a tag on Instagram. When configuring the trigger, enter the Instagram tag in the matchphrase field. Now whenever someone uploads an image and tags it with your matchphrase, the trigger will fire.

Last Resort Triggers:
Just above the match phrase field on all the message triggers you’ll see a checkbox “Fire this trigger only if no other trigger was fired by the incoming message”. The default setting is unchecked.

If you check the box (in British English, tick the box) then this trigger will only fire if no other message trigger fired.

In the example below, the empty matchphrase means that this trigger would usually fire on all incoming email messages to However, because of the check box, it now only fires if no other message fired.