Alexa Trigger
Respond to Alexa Intents
Key Features
The matchphrase is the Alexa intent 

Alexa triggers (in Conducttr) respond to Alexa Intents (in your Alexa Skill).

To create Intents, do this:

1. Login into the AWS dashboard
2. Go to your Alexa Skill and click Add Intent

3. The name of the Intent is the matchphrase that will be sent to Conducttr.

4. Now create the different phrases the audience member will use to invoke/activate this intent.

E.g. : If your Alexa skill is called "Naty" then the audience could say "Alexa, tell Naty to say hi". You need to write the phrase that follows your invocation command.

5. When you finish creating the intent, click Build Model

6. Once the intent is saved and built, go to Conducttr and create the Alexa Intent trigger:

The matchphrase will be the intent name:

7. Create an Alexa content action for that trigger, and write the response.

8. Once finished, you can test your first intent by going to your Alexa Skill and clicking test.

Select the Alexa simulator, and type in what you would say to Alexa to activate that intent.

E.g. : "Alexa ask Naty to say hi"