After reading this article you'll:
  • be able to create content that publishes when the training audience logs in for the first time and before the exercise starts


First login is a special event that triggers when the facilitator or training audience logs into the exercise for the first time. 

You can use the first login event to:
  • situate the players before an exercise starts
  • have players complete a pre-exercise assessment or questionnaire
  • create self-paced exercises that don't need a facilitator.

How to use the first login event

To use the first login event you'll need to use the flowchart view.

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 Right-click the whiteboard to add content
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Right-click on the content card and select "Publish on first login". That's it!

The content card becomes shaded to set it apart from the other cards.

You cannot see this card in the MEL view. We recommend that while in the flowchart view you create a new, dedicated tab, and add your first login content here so it's easy to find later.
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Should you need to reset the first login event, you can do so for one player or all players by navigating to Management>Restart from 1st login. 

What can go wrong?

Common "gotchas" are:
  • if you don't connect the first login content to an inject. Otherwise the content will be published twice - once at the first login event and then again when the moderator sends the inject.
  • if a player arrives late to an exercise that's already running, the first login content will be published but it may not be relevant. Just be sure to consider this in your design.

Facilitator first login

If you're working in the MEL view then the facilitator first login event is taken care of for you automatically. It's the first inject in the MEL.