After reading this article you'll:

  • see your exercise running
  • be able to publish your exercise to the Conducttr Engine
  • understand the options available when publishing


Your scenarios are all held on your local drive until you publish them to your cloud Space.

You must publish your exercise to see it in action.

If in doubt, just click Publish and accept the default options. You'll only need to uncheck the publish options if you're trying to recover from some issue or make an updateduring a live exercise. 

If your scenario is paired with a Pattern of Life library then that will be uploaded too.


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 Go to Run>Publish to Space
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 Click Publish

If you see the warning message "You have disconnected questions in your scenario" it means that where you have added questions, you're not always providing somewhere for the player to route to. This may not be important to your exercise, hence it's a warning and not an error.

You can find all instances of disconnected questions in the flowchart view by filtering the content list.
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 After uploading is complete, you can click the button "Facilitator & Player Grid" to open a split-screen interface ideal for testing but also good for managing the exercise.

Additional links are provided for convenience to the facilitator dashboard and for players.

Publishing Options

The publish options are intended to help you correct mistakes or recover from some mishap while an exercise is in progress. If you don't have an exercise running when you upload, we recommend you keep all the boxes checked.

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This option allows you to refresh the content while an exercise is in progress. Note that it will not affect the logic/sequencing.

It's best to use this only if you need to correct typos and such like.
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Reset "first log in" status ensures all players receive the first login message when they next log in.

Publish "first login" message re-publishes the first login message for all players and avoids requiring them to log out and log back in again. 

Include style if unchecked allows you to upload without affecting the style. Given that so much depends on the style, this is not for the fainthearted. 

Clear past messages should be unchecked if you want to upload and not disturb previously published messages
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Reset personas
Reset means the online exercise personas are erased and re-uploaded (this includes Pattern of Life personas too if you have paired with a PoL library)

Update means any personas created during a live exercise remain but may be overwritten if there's a match with one in your scenario.