Allows colleagues to share your cloud space so that you can divide labor between different people 
Key Features
1. Allow colleagues to publish a scenario, upload a design or upload teams to your space
2. Allow colleagues to download the response report data
3. Set permissions by collaborator to restrict what they're allowed to do
1. There is no version control or synchronous editing of the same scenario. 
2. Giving collaborator's permission does not mean that person is able to see your library and your scenarios. They will only have permissions to use your space.
3. The space owner is the only person allowed to be moderator in facilitated exercises. 
4. If the collaborator has only data permission (ie. to download the response report), he/she won't be able to upload new teams or upload a scenario.

How to add a collaborator

To add a new collaborator, go to Spaces > My Spaces

When you add a collaborator, this person receives an e-mail to inform him/her about the collaboration. After this e-mail, the new collaborator has to add the new space to their current ones.

Working as a collaborator with someone else's space

First add the space to your scenario editor
Go to Spaces and then click "Add Space..."

If you're collaborating in someone else's space, you'll see "Collaborator" in the collaborator's column; otherwise if you own the space you'll see the first few names of the people to whom you've allowed access.

Downloading from the cloud

Once you're collaborating with someone, you are also able to download the scenario from the cloud.

  1. The person that owns the space needs to publish the latest version
  2. The collaborator needs to go to File > Scenario > Add Scenario > Download from space
  3. Select the space from the drop down list