After reading this article you'll:

  • be able to export and import an exercise using a library file or a scenario file.


Exercises are saved and organised into libraries. Libraries contain everything needed for the scenarios inside - media assets, personas, styles and so on.
Different versions of the same exercise can most likely live in the same library and share the same assets.
For completely new exercises you should create a new library.

When you want to share your exercise, you can save the whole library of scenarios or just one scenario.

Create a new exercise

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First you may need to add a new library.

Navigate to File> File> select the Library drop-down> Add new library.
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 Add a name for the new exercise library
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Every library has a default scenario. You can right-click to rename it or click Add scenario to add an additional exercise to this library so that it can share the library's assets.
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The new scenario dialog box presents some options. Usually you only need to enter the exercise name.

What the options mean
Self-paced means there's no facilitator, the training audience plays solo

Branching means you'll open the scenario editor in the flowchart view. You can also switch between flowchart view and MEL view but for some MEL will look more familiar.

Import MEL allows you to import from an Excel file or CSV (UTF-8 encoding).

Share an exercise

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Navigate to File>Share library/scenario

Now select how much you want to share - the whole library or just the active scenario.

Import an exercise

You can import a library or a single exercise.  A single exercise needs to be imported into a library - so you will likely need to create a new empty library to hold it. If you're importing a more recent revision of an existing scenario then you'll likely add to the same library.

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Navigate to File> select the Library drop-down> Add new library.
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 Click "Browse" on the pop-up dialog and find the .txp library file
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Library files have the extension .txplib

Files with the .txp extension are older first generation files.
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If you're importing a single scenario, you'll find the option in File>Scenario drop-down

Create a new, empty library if this is a new scenario.

Download exercise from Space

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An alternative to sending scenario files is to Download from space.

This will add a new exercise using data currently active in your Space (for example, if uploaded by a collaborator).