Key Attributes


Initial Content

The Scenario Editor determines the first content to publish for participants and for the facilitator.
It uses:
  • stagep for the first participant content
  • stagef for the first facilitator content

partition.the_content["stagep"]  and partition.the_content["stagef"]  are published on first login.
The attribute "first_login" = true for new audience and after clear messages.


Content is stored by content item from the Scenario Editor

The answer for each question has a unique answer id. For example the first answer to stage 2 content will be {campaign code}.2.1 ,the second answer will be {campaign code}.2.2 and so on. 
The most recent answer for any audience member is generated as a dynamic variable |this_response| and for open text replies saved in audience.current_answer

the_answers holds pointers to which content should be published next
stage2.1  -> stage7
stage2.2 -->stage21

Therefore to branch we publish the_content[partition.the_answers[audience.sender.current_answer]]

Response Data

All response data is held in audience.responses[] 
This array is indexed by the answer id
In order for the response report to work, the array the_answers must contain valid answer ids because it uses this array to determine which values to include in the report.