What is Wargaming?

The goal of wargaming is to find the best solution by having two or more teams compete against each other. Typically physical maps and counters are used because they are easier and cheaper to create than a constructive simulation which might otherwise provide a greater realism.
TeamXp marries the physical and virtual - integrating the convenience of paper-based games with the immersion and data collection capabilities of digital.
Games can be run synchronously or asynchronously, with people co-located in the same physical space or geographically distributed.

How does TeamXp support wargaming?

TeamXp allows you to easily digitize physical games or create hybrid experiences where games are played digitally but physical cards and maps are used for easier human interaction. 

TeamXp supports several types of elements to use in your game:
  • maps - this is the image background to your game. You can have multiple maps and multiple background images to each map
  • counters - a counter is a unique item that is show on the map
  • status - a status is a change of counter image. For example, a counter might be "car" and a status might be "broken down" or "out of gas". The image you upload for the car is the default image which you can then change by uploading additional images for the car's different states.
  • locations - a location is what you add to the map in the style tool. This can be any text such a "london" or "e6" or "home" etc.
  • location attribute - a location attribute is similar to counter status except that the location can have many multiple states. For example, an attribute might be "infection" which can have the states "high","medium","low" and an additional attribute might be "deaths" which could have states "some","many","lots". Location attributes are shown on the map as images.
Example counters

Example animated states for counters (e.g. "hacked" and "damaged") 


The image below shows a basic sequence of what you need to do to get started.

Tell me about the TeamXp Wargaming App

The wargaming app is used with the NFC and Map movement events to trigger content and actions in a scenario.

The app is only available on Android. 

If you don't have an Android phone or wish to buy one specifically for use with your scenario, we recommend the Wileyfox Swift 2 ( http://amzn.eu/d/4rYwWUF) because it is low cost and has its NFC detector at the top right of the device making it very good for scanning tags.

Using the App

The wargaming app is intended to be used with NFC tags but can be used "manually" during testing but entering the name of the counter and then a position.

To use the app:
  1. first select the map you're using. TeamXp allows multiple maps to be used at the same time but the app must know which map to reference at any particular time.
  2. Scan a counter or a location. 
  3. If you scanned a counter..
    • you can now scan a location or enter the location label manually to have the counter shown in that position on the map
    • or you can scan a status to change the counter status. Note that if the counter isn't already on the map then you won't see the status change. Scanning a status changes the counter image
  4. If you scanned a location...
    • you can now scan a counter to move a counter to that location
    • or you can scan a location attribute to place an attribute image at that location. 

The video below shows the app in use.