Audio Recording Mobile App
Easily capture interviews and feedback during a live exercise 
Key Features
Only available on Android
Store audio recording as a variable and publish to any message channel
Minimalist design for foolproof use

Google Play


The TeamXp audio recording app works in conjunction with the audio recording event to allow any exercise to capture and share audio recordings.

How does it work?

  1. Create an audio recording event card and set the variable that will store the recording
  2. Only registered players and role players my log into the app since an email and password is required. Hence upload team and have the mobile app user register
  3. Log into the mobile app
  4. Select the variable that will store the recording
  5. Hit record to capture audio and hit stop and the checkmark (tick) when done
  6. Click the send button to publish the recording
  7. When the recording is received, the audio recording event will trigger