After reading this article you'll:

  • understand what the customization options are
  • be able to personalize the exercise look and feel of the virtual desktop to match your training objectives


The Style tool allows you to personalize the look and feel of your Virtual desktop, so the interface your players are going to interact with feels familiar and relevant for your exercise.

Style tool
Authors can modify the style of their web application so that it's custom-branded for themselves or for their clients
  • Change colors, fonts and logos as primary style
  • Customise each channel name, icon and characteristics
  • Personalize news organizations, maps, emails and more.

Style options

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 Registration style

Customize registration page where your players log in or register:

- Cookies banner text
- Privacy and data links
- Background and logos
- Video as a landing page
- Login and registration pages
- Favicon and tab title
- Mobile and desktop view
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 Facilitator config

Customize the facilitator dashboard for exercise control:

- Allow managing teams
- Activate Pattern of Life and Assessment (if available)
- Customize Inject grid and review options
- Change help links for players
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 Primary style

Customize the main look and feel of interactive elements:

- Headers
- Backgrounds
- Fonts
- Content
- Question types
- Menu
- Sound notifications
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 Virtual desktop

Customize left navigation menu with available channels:

- Icons
- Channel names
- Sizes
- Display options
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 Customize channels

Personalize in depth some channels, according to their nature:

- GoSocial (Facebook)
- InstaMedia (Instagram)
- Mail 
- Phone calls
- Special channels: timer, graph, captions...
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If your exercise is divided in Chapters in Flowchart view, you can customize its navigation here. 
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If you have news organizations in your personas, you can customize the style of their website displayed in the browser channel
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Add maps for the Map channel in the style tool. 
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 Password reset

Customize the email that your players receive if they request a password reset.
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 External emails

Customize the layout of the emails sent through External email and Alert email channels. 
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 Import and export styles