After reading this article you'll:

  • understand what metrics are captured in each exercise
  • be able to extract information and represent it visually to track responses, messaging and network data


The Metrics tab can be found in the Scenario Editor and allows you to request data from a space to assess the performance of the trainees for a specific session or for all time players. 

Metrics tab in Scenario Editor
Exercise control can extract players' performance data to analyze and understand how the exercise went in a visual and comprehensive way.
  • Question data table
  • Most active players
  • Most used channels
  • Messaging activity by player and by channel
  • Messaging network for inter-personal communications

Available metrics

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Request data

In the Scenario Editor, go to Metrics. Select the Space you want metrics for and click "Request new data"

Depending on the amount of data, it might take some time, you will receive an email when data is extracted.
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Question data

This table shows player responses to different question types that you have set up in your scenario. And a count and text for open text messages sent (email, social media). You can filter by date and export as CSV file.
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Messaging data

Holds data about:
- most active player
- most used channels
- message activity per player
- message activity per team

Color scheme allows you to identify most active players (darker tones). You can hover over each bar to see number of messages in that channel. 
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Inter-personal communications

Holds data on how players communicate among each other and with roleplayers. Numbers in the lines are messages quantity. Data can be filtered by used communication channels.