Allows you to branch based on a variable for increased personalization
Key Features
Add any number of values; use variable or formula in the Case equation

How it Works
When the player clicks the button, TeamXp looks at the selected variable value (or formula result) and branches according to value. 

The Set Up
You'll need to use Calculations to save a value to a variable. This variable can set up for the player, the team or the session. In the example below, that's the purpose of the first content block.

Create the Case
  1. Change the question type to Case
  2. Enter the text you want presented to the players (it will appear as a "Continue" button)
  3. Select the variable to use. 
  4. Add a branch for each possible value of the variable 

For this example:
  1. Create the first piece of content with a “Choice” question type.
  2. Add a calculation for each answer (in this case, I created a player variable called “callornot” and I incremented the first answer by 1; and the second one by 2).
  3. The case question type has been created with the variable that we were using (“callornot”) and with the score that the participants can achieve (2, 3 or 4).
  4. The result will be a specific reply for that player based on his/her previous decision.