Key decisions made by the players will appear in the 'Timeline' and 'Decisions' tabs on the ExCon dashboard. This information will update in real-time as the players advance in the exercise. 

To access these, go to the tab 'Review'. Under the 'Timeline' tab, you will be able to see the team progress in real-time. Select the 'Team' tab to see each individual player timeline as they advance. You will be able to see the questions the player was asked, the decision they made, and the time it took them to respond. 

You can see every open-text answer in the ExCon dashboard, and the 'Timeline' tab shows the time taken to respond. You can also see a pie chart of the key decisions made by the players by clicking on the 'Decisions' tab. 

The video below shows how you can track the player progress. It is an example video so only shows limited actions from one player. When running a full exercise, this channel would show all player decisions.