Once you have taken all the initial steps to set up your exercise, you can press the 'Start' button to begin. You will have to complete four steps before the crisis will begin.

1) In ExCon, you'll receive a message that says 'Step 1 of 4' 
2) Click this button to set up the exercise (this won't immediately start the crisis)
3) You'll be asked to click when all the players are registered and logged in
4) You'll be asked to click when all the positions are assigned 
5) You'll be asked to click to check the positions 
6) This will send the players a notification, telling them what position they have been assigned
7) You can amend anything and re-check if you need to, or continue to Step 3
8) You'll be asked to click to open TeamChat and Backchannel 
9) You'll be asked to click Step 4 of 4, which sends responsibilities and background knowledge to the players according to their assigned position
10) A 1-minute timer will begin, allowing for the players to read over the material.
11) When the timer has expired, the players will receive a TV news video about PurpleDay's new joint venture. 
12) When you and the players are ready, click 'Start Crisis' to begin the exercise. 

Below is a video on how to start the exercise. The video is filmed with the facilitator dashboard alongside a play screen, to show how the facilitator actions are shown to the player: