After the exercise has finished, you can replay it any time, with the same players or with new ones. You have the option to clear and reset all the data if you want to. 

The ExCon feed has three buttons at the top. The triangle button is the 'start' button, the middle button with a chat icon is the 'clear messages' button, and the pie chart icon is the 'clear data' button. 

Use the 'clear messages' button to delete all the messages for current players. 

If you want to remove all the 'Timeline' and 'Decisions' data, use the pie chart icon. 

You can also delete or exclude players if you would like to run the exercise with a different team.

You can then use the start button to start the exercise again, which will bring you to Step 1 of the exercise set up. 

The video below demonstrates which buttons are used to reset messages and timeline and data for the players.