The players will be assigned one of four positions. These positions are Head of IT, Head of Communications, Managing Director and Incident Manager 

Assigning positions is fundamental to running the exercise. Follow these steps to successfully assign the player positions: 
1) In the facilitator dashboard, go to the tab 'Manage Teams' 
2) Click on 'Manage Positions'
3) Make sure all your players have registered 
4) You will see a pop-up tab with the four positions under the label 'Unassigned'
5) Drag and drop these positions to the respective players, under 'Team' 
6) Once positions have been assigned, click save. All assigned positions will be highlighted in yellow
7) You can unassign positions by dragging the position back to the 'Unassigned' area

Remember, all positions need to be assigned before the exercise starts. 

This video below quickly demonstrates how to assign player roles: