Pattern of Life
What is it?
Simulates a rich pattern of life, presupposed to be predominantly on social media. It communicates the state of the scenario to players and reflects the consequences of the decisions they make.
* Faster creation of exercises due to greater re-use of content
* More agile/dynamic execution of exercises due to human-in-the-loop to publish content on demand
* More immersive experiences due to richness & relevance of content published
* Operates independently of but in tandem with the active scenario which means greater re-use of content
Key Features
* Active "deck" of 64x independent content "stax" able to be published on demand at any time
* Multiple decks configurable in Scenario Editor
* Stax of content can be imported from Excel or CSV using same format as that used for MEL
* Stax can be saved & exported individually or as a library including the decks.
* Personas and media are self-contained and not directly connected to scenario, hence allowing greater portability between scenarios

"Pattern of Life" allows the Facilitator to publish content "on demand" rather than in sequence (as is the case with the Master Events List). 

With the Pattern of Life feature enabled, the Facilitator is presented with a "deck" of 64 buttons (8x8) which represent individual "message stacks". Clicking a button will publish that stack of content at a regular interval and may loop back to the start once the content is exhausted.

The video below shows Pattern of Life in operation.

Message Stax

At the heart of the Pattern of Life feature is the message stack. The stack contains any mix of content to be published at a regular interval.
Once a deck is uploaded from the Scenario Editor, available stax are low-lighted. When the facilitator presses a button, the activation is shown as a highlighted button.

The illustration below attempts to show this.