It's perfectly possible to use Conducttr without coding but this article addresses those who like to code or are at least familiar with coding.

If you're the development partner of a storyteller, then a key benefit of working with Conducttr is that the content can be written and managed by the storyteller and not baked into the code. This makes content revisions and checking much faster and easier.


Inside the Conducttr project is a panel called API. You must create the API before you can call the project from an external application.
Since May 2018 we recommend you use API version 1.2 since this is much faster and the response JSON data structure is ready to work with python.


There are no hardcoded methods: you create your own methods inside the Conducttr project. You decide what information is transferred using GET and POST requests.


Conducttr projects are event driven. Each event is created by a trigger. An incoming tweet can trigger a "Twitter trigger", an incoming event from an external system like a mobile app or Raspberry Pi will likely trigger an "API trigger".

API Triggers fire on any phrase in the API request. Use matchphrases and parsing to extract information and to control when triggers should fire.