Manage Spaces allows you to perform the following actions on Spaces in your business:

Disable login

This allows you to prevent players from using an exercise that may have been running in the Space.
You will be asked to provide a “disabled login message” which is the message presented to players when they try to log in. For example, it might say “Sorry, this exercise is no longer running”.
Enabling and disabling player login can only be done via the Client Terminal.

Request URL

This allows you to request a vanity URL for the Space. The request is sent to Conducttr where we have the ability to approve or deny.
This will only be available if the Package allows a vanity URL.

Set Google Analytics Code

Here you can enter a code for tracking in your own Google Analytics account.

Change owner

This allows you to change the Space owner.

Request new package

Changing the feature package attached to the Space will have billing implications. Only packages that have been pre-approved with your Conducttr account manager will be available for selection.