The Response Metrics details the Audience replies to outbound messages tracked via Anticipated Triggers. For example: the SMS outbound content “sweets” asks the question, “Do you prefer cake or pie for dessert?” and its Anticipated Triggers are the SMS replies “cake” and “pie.” Because these Anticipated Triggers are defined, Conducttr now keeps track of the Audience responses to this specific “sweets” content.
Response Metrics will reveal not only the triggered response, but also the time elapsed between the outbound message being sent and the Audience’s reply being received by Conducttr. If the Audience is a member of a Group or Team, this is also noted.
To run this report, click on the Response Metrics button in the left hand column of Metrics. In the window that opens, select a date range and click the + sign in the lower left to add specific content you wish to view in the report. Note that the content must have pre-existing Anticipated Triggers defined, which are indicated by a green checkmark to the right of the selection fields. If you choose content without Anticipated Triggers, a red exclamation mark is shown indicating there is no data.

Click the Download button to generate the report, which is a CSV file that can be opened in Excel or similar programs. An example of the Response Metrics: